The Institute of Sexology Undress Your Mind – Exhibition Wellcome Collection

Inforbarrel: What were your criteria for selecting items for display?

James Peto: Well… Looking at people like Alfred Kinsey, Marie Stopes, Sigmund Freud, Margaret Mead and other key personalities, the exhibition examines the experiments and studies that helped make sex a legitimate subject for study. The exhibition features more than 200 items including art and artefacts, rare archival materials, erotica, photography and video footage.

James Peto: I hope that they’ll take away a fascination for, and respect for, a lot of the people we feature. I hope they’ll also understand the importance of the scientific study of sex and sexuality and attitudes towards sex. But, actually, in this world we are also bombarded with sexual images, of one kind or another, in a very controlled way, or controlled by other people, not by ourselves, and what effect does that have, and the level of freedom that we really have, is an interesting question that the exhibition asks.

Married Love or Love in Marriage

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Marie Stopes’ book, Married Love, caused quite a stir when it was originally published!

Will You Undress Your Mind?

The Institute of Sexology Undress Your Mind is a free exhibition at the Wellcome Collection until 20th September 2015. It is through these collections that we get an idea about the methods they used and what interested them the most. There is a lot of art and science in what they collected. The exhibition is built around them, and a lot of them, luckily for us, were also great collectors. Inforbarrel: How long does it take to plan an exhibition like this?

James Peto: Again, I think it’s interesting that a lot of what the sexologists themselves collected. Obviously, she was passionate about helping people towards a better understanding. That’s one of the big differences between the two. It takes a long time, partly because of collecting all the material together, borrowing it from lots of different people. The show also looks at the people behind the present-day National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal).

The Institute of Sexology features several works, some specially commissioned, exploring sexual identity by artists such as Neil Bartlett, Zanele Muholi, John Stezaker, Sharon Hayes and Timothy Archibold.

New Exhibition at the Wellcome Collection, LondonThe Wellcome Collection’s latest exhibition The Institute of Sexology Undress Your Mind is a candid examination of the study of human sexuality.

The Institute of Sexology is the first exhibition in the UK to look at the pioneers of the study of sex, the most talked about private act. So there’s a wealth of objects and images that comes with their work their collections are a great resource for an exhibition.

James Peto, Senior Curator at the Wellcome Collection speaks exclusively to Infobarrel about the exhibition.. We’re supposedly much more liberated than we were. Freud is a very difficult person to talk about, so I’ll concentrate on Stopes.

Infobarrel: In the ‘Consulting Room’ you bring together Sigmund Freud and Marie Stopes – how did their attitudes to sexual satisfaction as a key to human happiness differ?

All the key researchers seem to have been avid collectors amassing fascinating holdings of books, testimonies, erotica, photographs and statistics. Stopes was quite scathing of Freud’s work, as you can see from the exhibition.

Infobarrel: What do you hope visitors will take away from the exhibition?

I think one of her prime motivations was to help women especially. It’s a long complicated process.

James Peto: Very much the starting point was the people who feature prominently in the exhibition the sexologists, the people who study sex. I think he felt that was really helping the people at the Institute, and the wider public, to understand our attitudes towards sex and sexuality, and the history of those attitudes.

Inforbarrel: How do you see the interplay between art and science in the context of this exhibition?

Many items have been carefully selected from the Wellcome’s own vast holdings, and other important loans have come from public and private collections such as The Kinsey Institute; the Science Museum, London, and the National Archives.

One Hundred and Fifty Years of Research Into Human SexualityThe period under scrutiny spans 150 years of research into human sexuality. Also there were those who were extremely antagonistic towards her and felt that she was ‘peddling filth’, to use the words of some of the people who wrote to her. The Institute of Sexology is part of a Sexology Season of activity across the UK.

James Peto: We’ve been working on this one for about two years, on and off. Alfred Kinsey, for example, who features large in the exhibition, and the Kinsey Institute that he established, built up an enormous collection of erotica and objects relating to sex and the history of sex. I hope they’ll also ask themselves some interesting questions about how much better off we are today in this world. They were collectors of information and they were also collectors of art works. The correspondence that she entered into with some of her readers, both people who were writing for advice, and also people who were writing to thank her for saving their marriages, or for helping them enormously through their marriages. How did they observe, analyse and question sexual activity? What was normal/abnormal? All these questions and more are examined by The Institute of Sexology.

The Institute of Sexology

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A candid exploration of the study of sex.

A Developing Exhibition

The show will run for almost a year and will continue to develop and grow as new commissions are added and live events, discussions and performances take place within the gallery space. A diverse range of public events accompanies the exhibition and full details are on the Wellcome website.

More on Infobarrel

Infobarrel contains a number of interesting articles about people such as Sigmund Freud and his theories, including:

Wellcome Collection: A Guide for the Incurably Curious

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Your guide to the Wellcome Collection.

Visit the Wellcome Collection

Her book ‘Married Love’ was published in 1918 got an extraordinary reaction and that features very strongly in the exhibition too. It was hugely important work to help women have a better understanding of their bodies and what they might expect when they married, and of their husband’s/partner’s bodies, as well as issues relating to maternity and child-bearing. Whereas, Freud I suppose, was much more interested in what was going on in the brain than in the body

What do you think about FC Bayern Munich?

I think your team should be more respected in europe as well as mine (FC Porto) and Ajax because tall of these teams are not mentioned as giant clubs at the same level of Real, Barcelona, Man United, Inter, AC Milan, Juventus, etc, when they have tradition in Europe and in their home countries. I love some of your players, such as Ribery, Schweinstiger (sorry if I spelled it badly), Lahm and Mller.

A couple of years ago Bayern made me laugh a lot when Sporting received a football lesson.

Best Answer:&nbsp I admire Bayern a lot and they’re actually my favourite team in Germany. the few guys i knew that were Sporting fans were so embarrassed!

Last year bayern deserved to win the Champions league. I also like Klose and Robben, of course..

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. only Barcelona was better but that team is just too good.

In this year Champions I hope you have reasons to celebrate. 7-1 and 5-1

Arsene Wenger – Football Genius or Megalomaniac

Each transfer window opens up with a plethora of experienced names being linked with the club, but ends in disappointment for the fans when they realize that Arsene will not buy. He is the only non-British manager in the Premier League to have won the double (1998 and 2002), and is also the longest serving and most successful manager of Arsenal FC (winning 3 league titles and 4 FA cups). To place men in certain defined categories is a task beyond the normal realms of functionality. Many have pointed out that the reason for this downfall has been Wenger’s stubbornness to buy new players, and also his preference of picking youth over experienced players.

This influx of fresh players has strengthened the squad, evident from the top position they occupy currently in the league. He quickly transformed the way they played from a dull yawn-inducing sleepwalk (Highbury was rightly dubbed ‘the Library’), into an exciting fiery rodeo. This holds true especially in the case of football managers. And with Ferguson’s departure from Manchester United, Arsenal now looks on to encash on this rare opportunity, till Moyes tries to fit his feet in the extremely big shoes Alex has left behind. This however changed recently, when Arsene finally relented and brought in big names like Mesut Ozil, Per Mertesacker, Lukas Podolski, and Oliver Giroud. Wenger’s team sit on the top, 2 points clear, and as their crest portrays, seem to be holding off a siege by the other teams in the top four. Maybe, just maybe, their castle will hold till the end of the season, which will see them bask in the light reflected off the silverware, that is the Premiership trophy.

Wenger has been at the helm of the London club since 1996. To label one manager as a footballing genius, or an inconsistent assessor, or simply as a failure is a mistake many of us tend to make.

Watching Arsenal play can take you to two very distinct dimensions. But he is not the lone opportunist here, with City, and newly reappointed Chelsea manager Mourinho snapping at his heels. 2004 saw the pinnacle of this football revolution at Highbury, when they went the entire season unbeaten, a task that was last managed over a 100 years ago by Preston North End.. There have been some hiccups though, like the 6-3 mauling Arsenal received at the hands of City at the Etihad stadium; but staunch supporters believe that this is just a transition period, where the new blood is finding its feet, and just starting to gel in with the rest of the team.

If Arsenal does win this season, it will be a huge relief, rather than jubilation for Arsene, long hogged by the critics for ‘not bringing home a trophy since 2006′. The last 3 seasons have seen them battle it out with the likes of Aston Villa, Tottenham Hotspurs, and Everton for 4th place. Fans are finally getting optimistic about getting the elusive trophy. This was seen as a desperate move by Arsene after the departure of Fabregas, Clichy, and Nasri.

But soon after that, things began to crumble. To a great extent, they manage to pull it off amazingly well.

They have now gone 7 years without any silverware, and surely this is a team that is no more in transition. Theirs is a brand of football that discards the stereotypical ‘English’ game of lump the ball ahead and follow it up with a horde of muscle bulging beasts. Slowly but forcibly, Arsenal have been transformed from genuine title contenders, to the almost-maybe men. He got rewarded handsomely for this transformation as well. In fact, Arsenal ironically end up as a ‘selling club’ for most of the bigger European heavyweights. They instead choose to patiently build up the game from the back, pass the ball around with quick touches and exquisite technical movement, drawing similarities to the eye-catching ‘tiqui-taca’ game that Barcelona adopt

German League: Bayern’s domination sparks ‘boring Bundesliga’ debate.

“But I think from thestart of next season, we’ll see that the comparison to Spaindoesn’t fit, it’s more like Scotland.” Even theleague’s top scorer, Eintracht Frankfurt’s Alexander Meier,expects the trophy for the most goals this season to eventually end upin Munich. Pep Guardiola’s Bayern have brushed offtheir domestic rivals with ease and are poised to become the first teamto go through a Bundesliga campaign unbeaten on their way to what wouldbe a third consecutive title. ‘Bayern in a different league’ Germanteams seem to play Bayern in more hope than expectation of claimingleague points. “We have to get to the point where wesubsidise the smaller clubs, by a redistribution of the televisionmoney, for example,” suggested Vogts. “Bayern Munich are in a different league, I think wecan all agree on that,” said Augsburg coach Markus Weinzierl afterBayern thrashed his team 4-0 at home. But Klopp accurately predicted the Bundesliga would mirrorScotland, where Celtic have won the last three league titles afterrivals Rangers dropped out of the top flight after the club’sliquidation in 2012. But the mere suggestion leftex-Bayern midfielder and Germany international Paul Breitner fuming.”We (Bayern) can’t do anything about the inability of theother clubs. All rights reserved.

. “Bayern will lose at home sooner or later, but when youlose four, five or six-nil in Munich, that’s normal,” hemused. ( ).

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Copyright 2014 Gale, Cengage Learning. Having seen histop players playmaker Mario Goetze and striker Robert Lewandowski joinBayern in the last two seasons, Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp said anyGerman football fan looking for a consistently successful team has onlyone choice. They set more records in Friday’s 2-1comeback win at Mainz having conceded just four goals since August andtheir points lead at the season’s halfway stage is also a leaguebest. Ex-Germany coach Berti Vogts sparked debate abouthow to loosen Bayern’s iron grip on the German title by suggestingthey should receive less of the league’s television revenue. Just beforeBayern beat Dortmund 2-1 in the 2013 Champions League final, the Germanmedia questioned whether the Bundesliga was following the Spanishleague, where two clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona, traditionallydominate. “Anyone who just wants to be successful has only oneavenue to go down: you have to be a Bayern fan,” said Klopp,tongue-in-cheek. They recently paid off the loan on theirAllianz Arena stadium decades ahead of schedule and posted a record528.7 million-euro turnover for the 2013/14 season, with a profit of16.5 million euros. Skycurrently pay 628 million euros ($768m) to televise Bundesliga games inGermany and the cash is divided up on a percentage basis with the mostgoing to the league winner. Munich: Bayern Munich will start 2015 with a record 11-point leadin the Bundesliga, sparking debate over how to stop Germany’s topflight becoming boring. They have dropped only six points from a possible 51 so far andpost heavy wins in Germany’s top tier with monotonous regularity.None of the chasing pack of Wolfsburg, Borussia Moenchengladbach, BayerLeverkusen or Schalke look realistically capable of closing the gapwhile last season’s runners-up Borussia Dortmund are languishing inthe relegation places. Bayern are one of theworld’s richest clubs. And Hoffenheim coach Markus Gisdolreached the same conclusion before his side were duly dispatched 4-0 inMunich. Klopp predicted the current league situation back inApril 2013, two months before Guardiola’s arrival. “It’s nice that people put us in the sameboat as Bayern,” said Klopp in April 2013, with Dortmund second inthe table, but trailing Bayern by 20 points. Having won the 2011 and 2012 German league titles, then finishedrunners-up to Bayern in the last two seasons, Dortmund now peer up atGuardiola’s Munich from near the foot of the table. “I don’t look at the top-scorer table and Ihonestly think the trophy will go to someone from Bayern,” he said.

Muscat Press and Publishing House SAOC 2014 Provided by SyndiGate Media Inc. And if we have to bleed now, so the money is redistributed,that’s just nonsense!” he snapped

UEFA Champions League Prize Money 2010 and TV Rights Revenue

The money earned from all TV appearances goes into a shared pot and is divided between the clubs, but not equally.

The teams who progress from the group stage of the Champions League will receive 3 million for participating in the last 16, 3.3 million for reaching the quarter finals, 4 million for getting to the semi-finals, 5.2 for reaching the final and a massive 9 million for winning the 2009/2010 UEFA Champions League.

Altogether then the combined prize money and television revenue for competing at any level of the Champions League can be very lucrative. Rather than each club in the Champions League receiving money based on their own appearances, clubs get a share of the overall TV revenue generated. If, however, a club won every game all the way to the final they would receive a massive 36.4 million in Champions League prize money alone.

Champions League TV Rights Money

Not only is the prize money, for competing in the Champions League, incredible lucrative. Each of these football teams receive massive amounts of prize money and TV revenue money for being in the Champions League. Even just reaching the group stage is financially lucrative but the big money comes in the later rounds and the television rights across Europe.

Champions League Prize Money Received in 2009/2010 Season

For just reaching the Group Stage of the UEFA Champions League a club will earn 3.8 million, for simply participating in the 6 group stage game (so even if the club loses all 6) the teams get 3.3 million (550,000 per match) and then for earning a draw in the group stage of the Champions League a club will get 400,000 (and 800,000 for a win).. For a club like Manchester United the combined Premier League prize money, TV revenue, merchandise sales, ticket sales and this huge Champions League prize money on top can equal a turn over of hundreds of millions of pounds every year.

Champions League FootballThe 2009/2010 UEFA Champions League has been one of the most exciting in recent years, with none of the favorites reaching the final and all the English and Spanish clubs going out relatively early compared to normal. Clubs get more for the further they go in the competition, how high up they finished in their own domestic league and how much TV revenue came from their home country. The money earned from matches appearing on TV all over the world is very substantial. With many top-flight clubs fighting heavy debt, an unstable economy and ever-rising transfer fees and player’s wages, the Champions League prize money is more important than ever before.

Clubs from all over Europe make it into the Champions League each year for winning, or finishing high up, in their domestic league. So hypothetically a team that goes out in the semi-final can earn more in TV revenue than the winners, if their home country paid more to air the matches and if they finished higher up in their domestic league.

Therefore if a team lost all their group stage games this year and went straight out of the competition they would still receive 7.1 million

UEFA Champions League Preview and Free Live Streaming Information: Manchester City vs. CSKA Moscow; Viktoria Plzen vs. Bayern Munich.

Just remember the score Bayern recorded last season against Barcelona,” said Vrba.

However, spirits are still high at the Russian camp as they were able to secure back-to-back wins in the Russian Premier League ahead of the clash in Manchester.

In contrast, CSKA’s form has been inconsistent as of late, winning only three of their recent six games.

Manchester City (4-4-2):


Viktoria Plzen vs. We have been at the very top and won everything, but that means we have to work even harder to maintain our position.”

Kozacik; Rajtoral, Cisovsky, Prochazka, Limbersky; Horvath, Horava; Petrzela, Kolar, Kovarik; Bakos

November 6, 2013 – 5:45 am (AEST) . We all know what happened in the last two years, so for a club that is always trying to grow every day, progression in Europe is very important,” Pellegrini told ( .

“There is always something to improve on, even in the games that we win, and we still want to get better. CSKA Moscow

Manuel Pellegrini emphasised that importance of surviving the group stages, especially, for a big club like City.

Viktoria Plzen vs. We might change our tactical lineup, and make it a bit more of an attacking formation as we are going to play at home and be more active on the ball, but of course the question is whether it will be enough.”

The Blues are coming off a 7-0 emphatic win against Norwich on Saturday in the English Premier League, lifting their spirits after a dismal performance against Chelsea.

Manchester City vs. Pantilimon; Zabaleta, Nastasic, Demichelis, Kolarov; Navas, Toure, Fernandinho, Silva; Aguero, Dzeko

While a win by City against CSKA will not ultimately ensure their advancement to the next round, it will provide them the necessary cushion in case of blunders that they may encounter moving forward.

Plzen manager Pavel Vrba is going to make changes to his squad, tactically to have, at least, a fighting chance against Bayern, after being thrashed 5-0 in Munich on matchday 3.

CSKA Moscow (4-2-3-1):

Bayern Munich (4-1-4-1):

Akinfeev; Nababkin, Berezoutski, Ignashevitch, Schennikov; Wernbloom, Milanov; Tosic, Honda, Musa; Doumbia

“We can’t worry about how well Manchester City played at the weekend, they are a very strong team.”

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“We are going to try to do as much as possible to make it harder for them. Bayern Munich

Schedule and Free Live Online Streaming (Link/s will be provided an hour before Kick-off):

Neuer; Lahm, Boateng, Dante, Alaba; Martinez; Muller, Schweinsteiger, Kroos, Ribery; Mandzukic

“Every game in the Champions League is dangerous because every opponent you come up against in this competition has experience,” said Guardiola.

Probable Starters:

On the other hand, Bayern boss Josep Guardiola remains humble despite winning all three games in their group and showed respect towards Plzen.

CSKA boss Leonid Slutski is aware of City’s strength, butbelieves that his squad will come out with guns blazing Tuesday andspecifically pointed out that his team shall exploit the goalkeepingproblems of the opposition.

“We know that Manchester City are firm favourites to win tomorrow, but we’ll do our best to prove people wrong,” said Slutski.

“We would like to change virtually everything about our performance in Munich, but the question is whether or not we have the quality to do it. Bayern Munich:

“For Manchester City, [getting through the group stage] would be a great achievement. CSKA Moscow:

Viktoria Plzen (4-2-3-1):


“PlzeA won 6-1 in the league at the weekend and are on good form, but I can see a chance for us to qualify for the knockout stage.”

Costel Pantilimon will start in lieu of first-choice goalkeeper Joe Hart, who has been suffering from confidence issues in the past few weeks, as Pellegrini stated that Hart should be given enough time to rest and reflect.

CSKA Moscow will be flying to The Etihad to face Manchester City,While Viktoria Plzen will be hosting defending UEFA Champions Leagueholders Bayern Munich on Matchday 4.

Manchester City vs

Football’s Biggest Wins and Highest Scoring Matches.

Their invitation was meant to go to Orion FC, who wouldn’t have beaten Arbroath (in fact Orion faced Bon Accord’s opponents two years later and lost 18-0) but at least they played the same sport as them. Despite scoring 73 goals in the qualifiers, they were defeated 3-1 in a playoff against Uruguay, missing out on an a place at the 2002 World Cup in Japan/South Korea.

31st October 2002. It is harder to support such practice in cup matches, as was the case in three of the games below. The referee had originally counted 37 goals, but Dundee insisted they had only scored 35, an act of honesty they were to regret upon hearing the result of Arbroath’s match.

11th April 2001. Unterhaching’s David Zdrilic got 8 goals. They effectively had to play with a third choice eleven, which had an average age of 18 and included two 15 year olds. For some reason, the referee didn’t abandon the game, and the players kept this up relentlessly for the entire match. As Adema 149-0 SOE Antananarivo

If you were under the impression that it would be impossible to score 149 goals in a 90 minute match you would be correct. During the 2009-2010 Barclays English Premier League season, eventual champions Chelsea put 7 past Stoke, Aston Villa, and Sunderland, and 8 past Wigan (who also lost 9-1 to Tottenham Hotspur). In a pre-season friendly in 2009, Spanish side Villareal beat third division Navata 27-0. But it wasn’t a victory to be proud of. Dundee Harp 35-0 Aberdeen Rovers. ‘I’ve got to tell you they are woeful’, said David Smith, their Australian liason officer, ‘the reserves of a seventh division amateur side would beat them.’ And their opponents were Australia. Guardian, The, November 29, 2002

Telegraph, The, April 14, 2001 by Mark Jeffreys

Arbroath 1885

36-0 is a cricket score, which is appropriate considering Bon Accord were a cricket team who had been entered into the Scottish Football Cup by mistake. Archie Thompson equalled John Petrie’s world record with 13 (he would have broken it but for a disallowed goal). As Samoa’s coach Lui noted, ‘We don’t know what Australia were trying to prove scoring all those goals.’ In the end, Australia’s massive win didn’t do them any good. Australia 31-0 American Samoa.

In American Samoa’s entire history as an international football team they had managed only one victory. They were ranked 203rd best out of 203 nations. The majority of their national team had just been declared ineligible by FIFA over passport issues, and they were unable to call up their under 20 players to replace them, as most of them were sitting highschool exams. The following is a list of the highest winning margins of all time. In fact, the victory could have been by a much greater margin had the referee, Dave Storment, not chalked off 7 goals for offside. Part of you wants them to stop, while another part wants them to continue to tear them apart. Australia, who were ranked 128 places above them. 18-year-old John Petrie scored 13 of those 36 (still a record for a single match) while Jim Milne Jr, Bon Accord’s goalkeeper, spent most of the match trying to avoid the rain underneath an umbrella. The match between AS Adema and SOE, however, should be taken with a pinch of salt, as the extraordinary result only came about as a result of a strange protest.

12th September 1885. Results like these are horrible for fans of the losing team, but are peversely enjoyable for the neutral

Arsenal v Aston Villa live

Ireland is just inches away from connecting with a Clark cross but Fabianski holds on to the pass well.

Goals: Van Persie, pen 54, pen 61, Walcott 57.

67min: From OptaJoe:

Another strong argument for putting men on posts from corners.

On a high: Villa's Stiliyan Petrov (19) leaps for a challenge with Arsenal's RosickyOn a high: Villa’s Stiliyan Petrov (19) leaps for a challenge with Arsenal’s Rosicky

15.58: Out come the players, as daylight fades and the cold sets in on north London.

It’s Villa’s first effort on goal and boy do they make it count.

17.55: An incredible cup tie then ends with the Gunners securing a comfortable victory, despite going 2-0 down.

In general though there is plenty of upsets billed for the next round – or cakewalks for Premier League sides to get into the quarter-finals. Arsenal’s threat has diminished in the last few minutes.

33min: GOAL! Arsenal 0-1 ASTON VILLA

Villa also switch things around by sending on Gary Gardner for Agbonlahor.

18.00: Sunderland and Middlesbrough played out an entertaining 1-1 draw earlier today, and it’s a trip to the north east next for the Gunners who play the winner in the fifth round.

53min: PENALTY (Arsenal)

28min: Aston Villa have a credible threat on the counter but they are not causing the Arsenal back four any serious problems.

Arsenal: Fabianski, Coquelin, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Oxlade-Chamberlain (Henry 89), Ramsey, Song, Rosicky (Arteta 71), Walcott (Sagna 89), van Persie.

Subs: Szczesny, Park, Arshavin, Benayoun.

Referee: Mike Jones (Cheshire)

Norwich v Leicester

How’s that for a counter attack? Villa break from a deep position inside their own half before Stephen Ireland threads through Darren Bent.

17.02: You have to fancy some sort of response from Arsenal though.

Mind you, the Villa defence will be surprised how comfortable they have had it so far.

Firing blanks: Arsenal's Theo Walcott (left) slices a shot wideFiring blanks: Arsenal’s Theo Walcott (left) slices a shot wide

Villa have absolutely capitulated. I’ll let you decide on that one.

15.33: From the Emirates Stadium:

16.59: Stats amazing from OptaJoe and InfostradaLive respectively:

71min: Arsenal make a change with Mikel Arteta on for Rosicky.

Some Arsenal fans are still walking back from a half-time pie to find their side is now level.

3min: Plenty of Arsenal passing, and when Villa do get the ball they are being hounded out at every opportunity – even Shay Given.

42min: A crucial back header from Dunne prevents a cross from falling unmarked to Van Persie at the back post, before Francis Coquelin’s shot from inside the box is crucially blocked.

22min: How brave is Darren Bent? The answer is not brave enough as he shies out of a 50/50 with Lukasz Fabianski for a loose ball.

1 – Arsenal have only lost one of 33 FA cup matches at home under Arsene Wenger. The midfielder latches on to a through ball inside the box, but rather than have a go at goal he decides to cut inside to a sea of red shirts before the hosts clear. Football fans, eh? We are underway.

Masked Villain: Aston Villa players look on inside the Emirates StadiumMasked Villain: Aston Villa players look on inside the Emirates Stadium

15.49: But Crawley v Stoke also has it’s own place, as the League Two side hope to overturn last season’s finalists.. Is there a final twist to this bonkers game?

ByDan Ripley for MailOnline

Updated: 18:23 GMT, 29 January 2012

Full-time: Arsenal 3-2 Aston Villa

13min: Until now. Villa have dropped deep into their own half.

80min: For the first time in this half, Villa are finally starting to show some attacking edge. Fans decide to cheer the swaps this week as Walcott is replaced by Sagna and Oxlade-Chamberlain makes way for Henry.

Half-time: Arsenal 0-2 Aston Villa

21min: The Dutchman’s tame effort is easily blocked by the wall though, before he is penalised seconds later for showing a high boot.

Arsenal v Aston Villa

Arsenal: Fabianski, Coquelin, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Song, Rosicky, Walcott, van Persie. Per Mertesacker’s powerful header from a Van Persie delivery well cleared off the line by Ireland.

Hutton attempts to clear but it cannons straight off Walcott’s arm and into the net.

Spot on: Robin van Persie pulls a goal back for ArsenalSpot on: Robin van Persie pulls a goal back for Arsenal

Despite their second-half capitulation, Villa still only need one goal to secure a replay.

If he had thrown his head rather than tip-toed towards the ball, we would have been looking at 1-0 Villa.

Arsenal’s Last home defeat in the #FACup is 15 years ago vs Leeds United. Big waste in the end.

Everton v Blackpool or Sheffield Wednesday

Follow Sportsmail’s coverage of the FA Cup as Arsenal host Aston Villa at the Emirates Stadium to conclude the weekend’s fourth round action. In 1997, they lost 0-1 at Highbury.

15.39: Time for the fifth round draw from Wembley, Jim Rosenthal, as ever, presenting. Arsenal haven’t been that bad, but Villa have been clinical on the counter against a very naive Gunners defence.

Gunned down: Darren Bent (9) doubles Aston Villa's lead before half-timeGunned down: Darren Bent (9) doubles Aston Villa’s lead before half-time

Francis Coquelin returns from injury, Lukasz Fabianski comes into goal with Thierry Henry, who had been troubled by a calf problem, on the bench along with fit-again full-back Bacary Sagna.

15.47: At first glance you have to highlight Stevenage v Spurs.

Millwall or Southampton v Bolton Wanderers

Earning his Spurs: Former Tottenham striker Robbie Keane has impressed since joining Aston VillaEarning his Spurs: Former Tottenham striker Robbie Keane has impressed since joining Aston Villa

Goals: Dunne 33, Bent 45+1.

16min: Lots of empty seats inside the ground and not much noise either, with a slightly damp atmosphere matching the early stages of this game.

Skipping away: Arsenal's Theo Walcott hurdles a challenge from Aston Villa's Carlos CuellarSkipping away: Arsenal’s Theo Walcott hurdles a challenge from Aston Villa’s Carlos Cuellar

The striker’s near post shot is well saved by Fabianski, but from a quite frankly ridiculous angle, the former Spurs striker nets home the rebound.

90+3min: Villa can’t even get into the Arsenal half at the moment. Email me your thoughts on the game at or contact me on Twitter @Ripinho.

Arsenal 3-2 Aston Villa (4pm)

Click here for the live goals as they go in

31min: Villa bossing some decent possession now, and signs that the visitors are growing in confidence. This is Van Persie range.

70min: Wow, a Villa attack – and they nearly score from it! Stiliyan Petrov takes advantage of a Koscielney slip to make space inside the box, but Bent fails to make the run across the near post for his pass and Mertesacker clears.

Alex McLeish will have to lead an inquest into what went wrong, as it was Villa’s sloppiness as much as Arsenal’s resurgence which has cost them a fifth round spot. 86min: Villa throwing caution to the wind, and that’s leaving a few holes at the back for Arsenal to exploit. Both Arsenal and Aston Villa go into the hat of course.

54min: GOAL! ARSENAL 1-2 Aston Villa

As said they have looked lively in attack and I can’t see them not scoring. Crumble

That’s all from me today. Subs: Szczesny, Sagna, Arteta, Park, Henry, Arshavin, Benayoun.

15.36: Arsenal teenager Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is handed another chance to impress with a start against Aston Villa in this afternoon’s FA Cup fourth-round tie at the Emirates Stadium.

15.30: So on to our final fourth round tie of the weekend. It looks just a little too far out for Robin van Persie…

The livewire 18-year-old retains his place from the defeat against Manchester United, providing support to Theo Walcott and captain Robin van Persie.

Liverpool v Brighton

57min: GOAL! ARSENAL 2-2 Aston Villa

60min: PENALTY (Arsenal)

Chance your arm: Arsenal's Theo Walcott equalises after a ricochet cannons off his armChance your arm: Arsenal’s Theo Walcott equalises after a ricochet cannons off his arm

15.42: Eight ties to be drawn – get your refresh button ready…

45+1min: GOAL! Arsenal 0-2 ASTON VILLA

2 – Aston Villa are the first visiting side to score more than once at the Emirates in a domestic cup match. Darren Bent’s sliding tackle on Laurent Koscielny is typical of a striker’s and Robin van Persie is on hand to tuck home his second penalty of the day. It’s a really poor effort in truth.

Mike Jones will not ever have an easier penalty to give as Dunne wipes out Ramsey inside the box with a sliding challenge. Arsenal have been the better side so far as Villa struggle to get going.

25min: Robbie Keane leads a Villa counter from an Arsenal corner. Bacary Sagna is preparing to come on for the hosts.

Aston Villa: Given, Hutton, Dunne, Cuellar, Warnock, Ireland, Petrov, Clark, Agbonlahor, Keane, Bent. This tie has turned on its head inside 16 minutes.

82min: Another change for Villa as Stiliyan Petrov is replaced by Barry Bannan.

Heading out: Aston Villa's Ciaran Clark (right) vies for the ball with Arsenal's Laurent KoscielnyHeading out: Aston Villa’s Ciaran Clark (right) vies for the ball with Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny

16.56: Hostile boos from the home crowd at the end of that half. Arsene Wenger’s team will be keen to bounce back from three successive Premier League defeats, but face a Villa side rejuvenated since the arrival of former Tottenham striker Robbie Keane. Hopefully it will prove just as entertaining as Sunderland and Middlesbrough who fought out a 1-1 draw earlier.

7min: Theo Walcott takes advantage of some sloppy play from Ciaran Clark to lead a counter, but after feeding Van Persie inside the box, the Dutchman is crowded out to the right where he wins a corner.

Aston Villa: Given, Hutton, Dunne, Cuellar, Warnock, Ireland, Petrov (Bannan 82), Clark, Agbonlahor (Gardner 71), Keane, Bent.

Subs: Guzan, Heskey, Weimann, Lichaj, Baker.

It’s amateur hour in the Villa defence though, first Theo Walcott is allowed to run across the byline unchallenged before the ball runs loose inside the box.

2 – Arsenal last came from two goals down at half time at home to win in December 2001 vs Aston Villa (8 defeats since). But after feeding Gabriel Agbonlahor on the left, the Gunners defence gets back and the striker’s cross evades everyone. Alex McLeish’s side have broken with pace more than once in this game and have looked dangerous in doing so.

4min: Aaron Ramsey finds space for a shot 23 yards out but his low drive is easy enough for Given to hold.

51min: Villa having to weather a storm here. A one-touch move form Arsenal ends with Ramsey poking a shot straight at Given.

Sunderland or Middlesbrough v Arsenal or Aston Villa

77min: Villa fans, to their enormous credit, are willing their team on as they win a corner.

90min: Four minutes added on. Repeat?

74min: Arsenal counter but although Walcott picks out Van Persie on the edge of the box, the Dutchman’s shot with his weaker right foot clears Given’s crossbar.

11min: Villa starting to gain some possession on the ball and credit to them, they are trying to pass it about. They need some more urgency here – they have nothing to lose.

Team news coming up, as well as the fifth round draw.

Dutch of class: Robin van Persie spearheads Arsenal's attack against Aston VillaDutch of class: Robin van Persie spearheads Arsenal’s attack against Aston Villa

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36min: Arsenal attempt to respond with Rosicky’s shot from the edge of the box troubling Given, who has to have two attempts to keep hold of the low strike.

Dunne for: Aston Villa took the lead through a Richard Dunne headerDunne for: Aston Villa took the lead through a Richard Dunne header

19min: Walcott’s cross from the right flank is cleared just before Van Persie can get a vital touch, before Stephen Warnock trips Ramsey central on the edge of the box. Robbie Keane proving very useful in linking the midfield with the strikers so far.

Kick-off: Cheers for Thierry Henry when his name was read out, boos for Andrey Arshavin. Somebody should check to see if the Villa players are still in the away dressing room.

Net bound: Robin van Persie scores his second penaltyNet bound: Robin van Persie scores his second penalty

61min: GOAL! ARSENAL 3-2 Aston Villa

Crawley Town v Stoke

48min: Successive corners is a good way to start and the hosts nearly equalise. Koscielny has been booked for a foul on Bent.

At the other end Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain drags a shot wide of the post.

On-loan Los Angeles Galaxy forward Robbie Keane starts for the visitors, with Darren Bent the main goal threat while Stephen Ireland returns to the midfield.

Referee: Mike Jones (Cheshire)

8min: A corner Villa clear. Subs: Guzan, Heskey, Bannan, Weimann, Lichaj, Baker, Gardner.

The League One side will fancy their chances – they knocked Newcastle out last season.

38min: Arsenal have upped it a gear here as they start to put the visitors under pressure. Robin van Persie makes no mistake from the penalty spot to tuck away in the bottom corner. Thanks for following.

64min: In the last five minutes Arsenal have had 89 per cent of the ball. An interesting second period coming up.

15.52: I forgot to say, those ties will be played over the weekend of February 18/19.

A short corner finds Keane, whose byline cross is nodded home by Richard Dunne from close range. That should spring this tie into life.

Chelsea v Birmingham

15.55: From OptaJoe:

83min: Why Ireland doesn’t shoot here I haven’t got a clue. Tomas Rosicky is at full stretch to thread through a ball for Walcott, but as he enters the box he slices his shot wide of the near post. Era

One hand on the cup: Arsenal's Gunnersaurus poses with the FA Cup mascotOne hand on the cup: Arsenal’s Gunnersaurus poses with the FA Cup mascot

All the latest from League Two

6min: …so he tees up Thomas Vermaelen, who lets rip with a thunderous drive that stings Given’s hands as he tips over.

Second-half: Away we go again, no changes.

50min: Slick from Arsenal as Ramsey’s clever pass sends Walcott through, but the winger is quickly crowded out inside the box by a sea of Villa defenders.

40min: They are going to have to watch Villa on the counter. Can only sense one-way traffic now.

45min: Villa will be desperate for half-time as shortly after Dunne is booked for reckless lunge Rosicky, Given is once again on hand to parry away a powerful low drive.

89min: It’s a double swap for the Gunners.

Stevenage v Tottenham

43min: All Arsenal now as Ramsey robs Alan Hutton of possession inside the box, before his run to the byline is ended when Given blocks his cross/shot.

5min: Robbie Keane’s handball leads to an Arsenal free-kick 30 yards out

Bourne Town make it two out of two in the UCL Division One

It was some goal as well.

ON Chenecks: Lav Janis, Joe Lewington, Perry Moore (George Clarke), Liam Butcher, Sam Watkins, Jez Hindle, Ben Foster (Simon Underwood), Ashley Ogden, Darren Frost, Ben Lewington (Justin McKane), Adam Spalding.

Brown played for Oakham United in the PDFL Premier Division and Huntingdon Town in the UCL Premier Division last season.

Bourne: Alex Brown, Max Avory, Dan Wilson, Jack Bottreill, Dan Smith, Kev Elger, Ash Firth (Ben Catanach), Joe Moore-Papworth, Cardin Pierre-Liverpool (Andy Moss), Henry Dunn, Tyler Sculthorpe (Craig Rook).

The Wakes had to hold on at times as the Robins pushed to get back on terms but they held out, partly thanks to new goal keeper Alex Brown who was signed last week to solved the club’s keeper crisis.

So far Bourne have conceded no goals this season, with a 3-0 win over Buckingham Town in the opening game but Oakham have not been kept out for at least the last 20 games looking back to last season. . Moore-Papworth picked the ball up on the edge of the half way line and took off on a stunning solo run which ended with a shot past Lav Janis in the Chenecks net and in off the far post.

Bourne Town continued their strong start to the UCL Division One season with a 1-0 win over Northampton ON Chenecks

While it is early days there are signs that this Wakes team could kick-on and finish in the top half of the league once again.

Bourne are currently sixth in the league and they face an intriguing match on Wednesday when they meet newly promoted Oakham United, who are fourth, at Sterling Meadows, kick-off 7.45pm. Results like this won’t hurt as it has been six years since Bourne last beat ON Chenecks who enjoyed a prolific pre-season but have yet to score in the league.

Joe Moore-Papworth was on target for Bourne as he struck the game’s only goal in the 68th minute at the Abbey Lawn

Three Teams that Are Favorites to Win the Soccer 2013-2014 Champions League

Real Madrid is one of the richest Football club on the planet with an estimated wealth of EUR3 billion. Madrid is one of the most successful club in the history of Champions league, which makes them even more notable in this League.

The pair of Cavani and Ibrahimovic can do exceptional things for PSG and they can easily win matches single handedly. Nevertheless, if again they desire to win they have to be more wary because English, Spanish, Italian and French giants are very ambitious for winning the Champions League and they are very well prepared as compare to last season, some of them have brought some big names and some of them have hired notable managers.


Credit: Public Domain (Flickr): Author Toksuede


Credit: Public Domain (Flickr): Author MahmousSilva720

If we could look at PSG’s history, they have not been a strong force in Europe, however it is imperative to mention about their capability of becoming a major club in Europe. However, we can guess by their overall performance, strategic wise, strength, weaknesses, and several more things. 

It would be no surprise if they win another treble under Pep Guardiola this time.

Last year’s semifinalist is looking to grab the opportunity to win the Champions league for the tenth time. They can sign any big name they want, they stunned the entire football world when they announced to have signed Tottenham Hotspurs winger Gareth Bale in EUR100 million and bringing Bale signified the high aims of Mr. They enjoyed every single moment of last year as they magnificently won another treble under Jupp Heynckes. Now that such names have joined the club, the expectations are very high from PSG because they have spent a lot of money to enable it to compete with the other European Giants.

However, it is too early to say the possible teams as to which of them can be champions. They did not even dream that one day they would be favorite to win Champions League, though somehow fate was kind to them, when suddenly a Qatari Investment authority decided to possess Paris Saint German. He is a very intelligent and experienced manager; he achieved several major trophies with AC Milan, Chelsea, and PSG.

With a new season, they have started with new boss Carlo Ancelotti, who resigned from his job, as Paris Saint German’s manager for his dream job was to manage Madrid. Heynckes, however many of us still cannot understand the decision of Bayern Munich’s President when he announced that Heynckes will be replaced by by Josep “Pep” Guardiola i Sala.

Now when everything is settled the fans are expecting something vibrant from PSG manager and the players because they brought several world class players to PSG, namely, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ezequiel Lavezzi, Alex, Lucas Moura, Thiago Silva, Edison Roberto Cavani Gomez, including many more young stars. That day and now we can see where PSG was and where are they now, so, it would be unfair to not to credit the Qatari Investment authority.

Paris Saint German

They did well last season when they surprisingly reached quarterfinal, but unfortunately they were slapped by Barcelona.


Credit: Public Domain (Flickr): Author Villads Engel

Bayern Munich

In champion’s league Munich is one of the strongest title contender, it has become a habit of Bayern Munich to play semifinal each year. Fiorentina Perez (Madrid Owner).

The battle begins

Yes the battle has begun amongst the top teams of Europe with an unlike spirit of winning champions league. It was not less than a miracle for Bayern Munich to win another treble. Both of them are keen to score as many goals as they can just as they are doing in French league 1, however if they continue this in Champions League matches then for sure they can be strong contenders to lift the famous Champions League Trophy.


Credit: Public Domain (Flickr): Author Aciloc10

Real Madrid

It is frightful for Madrid fans to think to be a runner up or to be semifinalist again this year. Wow what a marvelous season for Bayern Munich last year. With this size of squad, they can easily reach the semifinal again this year.

It was not a bad decision by Administration, though they should have given more time to Heynckes and should have waited until he resigned because to be fair he was doing a tremendous job. The man who replaced Jupp was Pep Guardiola, the one who took FC Barcelona to its peaks; this man also introduced the famous tiki-taka.. Therefore, it means he is the right man who can bring Madrid trophies, and maybe that is why Perez spends a lot of money around Ancelotti. 

Thanks to the Jupp Heynckes who brought the Bavarians Champions league. We know who were the last year Champions, the German giants Bayern Munich. In addition, fairly most of the credit goes to Mr